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Do you make your trays in custom sizes?

Do you make your serving trays and ottoman trays in custom sizes?

Easily the most asked question that I get and the answer is Yes, but with some limitations.

For example, my signature ottoman tray can technically be built in any custom size smaller than the largest size that I make, which is 20” x 30”.  But because this large serving tray has so many curves and angles, changing the size will also change the overall look as far as where the curves match up in there arc and this visual difference can be anywhere from subtle to significant based on the size/proportional change.yaka ottoman tray 2

For my two other ottoman tray styles I am less constricted on the size that I can make them.  These styles can be made in any configuration/ size that is desired and from any wood species.

Steamed beach ottoman tray 2Sapele ottoman tray 2

The cost for custom a size ottoman tray can vary from less expensive than the listed price to significantly more depending on the style and size.

Please feel free to contact me for custom size pricing information.

Thanks for reading.

Matt Hensley